It kills me to see my kids suffer

Emmett John is in a great deal of pain.  It kills me to see any of my kids suffer. My heart has been breaking for my sweet little boy since yesterday. 

The fever disorder that Emmett has suffered from, for the last two years has officially made it’s return after a about a 7 or 8 month hiatus.

It began about two days ago when Emmett became cranky and started falling asleep during the day, which never happens. Then we noticed the first of what would become many mouth sores.

By this morning, his mouth and throat were full of them and for the first since shortly after his surgery, he actually spiked a high grade fever.

I thought that we had finally seen the last of these when they stopped towards the end of 2012. Most kids outgrow this and so we thought it was Emmett’s turn to catch a break.

Unfortunately, it appears to be starting all over again.

We’re going to see what happens with this cycle before we decide what to do. 

With any luck, this is a one time deal.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


This is an older picture but one that shows the sores in his mouth.  His mouth is full of these right now.

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Lost and Tired

I’m gonna say no. The reason being that we had him to an infectious disease specialist. However, it’s also something worth looking into to. Thanks

Cindy Wolf

any chance he’s having recurring bouts of coxsackie virus? My son had it three times, and it astonished the pediatrician who thought kids were immune after the first round.