Trouble in Paradise

Paradise. More like paradise lost. Today has been very trying so far. Gavin lost it right before lunch. he and ER were playing. Gavin decided to make it into a game “with no rules”. However, there was no way for ER to win because Gavin wouldn’t let him. He frustrated ER with this. Lizze approached Gavin to question him about what happened. ER said Gavin was cheating. Gavin wouldn’t just answer the questions. Lizze asked him again to answer. This time he bit her head off.

I called Gavin over and made him sit like a pretzel on the floor. This keeps him from kicking and jumping around. I asked him the same questions and he just started to scream. Maggie (our dog) went over to check on him and he smashed her in the face with his elbow on purpose. Then he stood up and started stomping so hard he actually knocked the lid of the aquarium. At this point he earned oatmeal for lunch. Which he didn’t like so everything just escalated.

I finally got him to go to his room. He waited for lunch as long as we had to wait for him to stop screaming. He hasn’t had oatmeal in many weeks so I think he was caught off guard. I don’t know if it even has the desired effects anymore but it’s all we really have left to use. It defiantly is a consequence for him and he hates it, so I guess that’s something. We will need to figure other options out because it’s a long summer.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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