This medication is a godsend but it's also a f*cking nightmare as well -

This medication is a godsend but it’s also a f*cking nightmare as well

This week is going to be pretty chaotic. We have a string of doctors appointments over the next few days that will require Emmett to miss some school.

Emmett has some vaccines due this week. It’s first thing in the morning, so I think he’ll make it back to school. The next day will take us out of town and that’s going to cost a full day. He hates missing school and isn’t happy about this but these appointments are very important.

Later in the week, Gavin has his follow-up with psych. It’s just a medication check and I don’t expect anything crazy to come from this. I’m hoping that we can move him from weekly blood work to every two weeks. That means he would get two weeks worth of Clozapine at a time and if all goes well, by early next year, he could be back to a thirty day supply and once a month blood work.

That would make things so much easier. I can’t even explain. This medication is a godsend for him but it’s a fucking nightmare to deal with.

It’s all about safety and they definitely go the extra mile to ensure that. That’s not a bad thing at all, it’s just a lot of moving parts and it only takes one little hiccup to derail the whole refill process. That hiccup every single goddamn week is the lab. They never fax the results and it creates delays. It’s very frustrating for both myself and the pharmacy.

Anyway, I have that to look forward to this afternoon. 🙄

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