Today has been a struggle.

Today has been a struggle.

Today has been a difficult day. Gavin is really wearing me down. My patience is running dry. He is not listening to anything we tell him. He is become very disrespectful to Lizze. The PICA issue are getting more and disturbing. We have to watch his every move it seems.  We are trying to foster independence but right now that doesn’t seem to be possible. We can’t trust him or what he tells us. We randomly ask him this question: “have you eaten anything you weren’t supposed to?”. He will say “no” but we can tell by the way he says “no” whether or no he is lying. Then the challenge becomes figuring out what it is that he ate.  Every time we figure out what it is he ate I can’t imagine it getting worse. It continues to get worse. As I mentioned in a previous post he is now basicly licking the bathroom sink. What the hell are we supposed to do with that?

Lizze’s migraines are getting worse and neither one of us are getting any sleep. ER and EJ are also having a rough time dealing with the stress in the house. We need to find a way to reduce the stress and find it fast.


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Hey Rob, not to sound like some kind of drug addict,lol, but have you ever approached your doctor about getting you and Liz something to ease your guys nerves a little bit?? If anybody needs a little help in that department, i'd say that you two qualify. There is nothing wrong ,nor is there any reason to be ashamed about needing some meds for yourself.Stress will eventually drag you down so far that you won't be able to function like you normally do, and you have way to many people depending on you and Liz. I can speak from experience, sometimes you have to look out for yourself, or you might just loose control and you surely don't want that.You guys are great parents and you've earned the right to look after yourselves also….God Bless.

Stuart Duncan

9 times out of 10, when things like this happen with my boy, we can usually track it back to something which triggered it or is continuing to trigger it.
For example, by Tuesday one week, we were thinking our son had completely lost it but then it occurred to me that it was just the cookie from Sunday that his Sunday school teacher had given him. By Thursday, he was ok again.

Many times through his life I have come down pretty hard on him only to find out later that he was acting the way he was because of something having an effect on him.
A month ago we couldn't figure out why he just stopped listening to us all the time, and then his teachers off handedly commented about how his friend doesn't play with him any more since they moved from the back of the school to the front of the school for their recess.
Uhmm… that's a huge change to his routine, especially if his friend was affected by it, stopped playing with him and further affected him more!
A full month went by before they just sort of mentioned it as if it was no big deal. They said they thought they did but must have forgotten. I wanted to smack'em!

Anyway… the point is, a regression or acting out can usually be traced back to something… sometimes a 'phase' can be just a phase but sometimes it's not. And if not, once you figure out what's causing it, you can better figure out how to fix it.

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