Sensory Socks -

Sensory Socks

Emmett John has many sensory issues. The worst of which right now revolves around his clothes. He can’t stand the way clothes feel most of the time. He doesn’t like the seams in his socks and so we are constantly taking them off and putting them back on (at his request) because they feel uncomfortable.

We are going to get him seamless sensory friendly socks as soon as we can. Gavin has some and he loves them. Anyway, Emmett John went into the laundry basket and dug out a pair of my socks and wanted me to put them on him. He has been wearing these for the better part of an hour now. Typically, he won’t even wear his socks for that long. I guess his tiny feet are protected from the seams in my socks. They look like leg warmers.

Whatever works, right? At least for around the house.


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Where do you get the seamless socks?  My son has approximately 100 pairs of socks due to the fact he only likes them for a couple of times and then he is done, or the line bugs him or …..  Also with shirts, pants, etc.  I’ve been dealing with his sensory issues since kindergarten and he is 17. It is just horrible!  I found the perfect shirts at a Target, bought a bunch.  Some months later I went back to get more and they changed the material on the shirts.  I was devastated! He hated the new material.  Thankfully, I just went back last week and they have some back to the old material – I am grabbing all I can find.  As for pants, only polyester (same with shirts), underwear…..we won’t go there.  He hasn’t worn jeans in 14 years and probably never will.  I picked out 11 pairs of shorts the other day from different stores – he liked one pair.  Now he has two pairs of shorts.  I have to look at it that is better than him having one pair.  It is not fun, at all.  Thanks!


eeyorekitty88 The only place I know to find seamless socks is online. You would have to do a Google search and see what you can find. I totally get what you are saying. Best of luck..


I know this is a year too late, but if you are still having the issues with socks, try turning them inside out. That way the seams arn't pressed against his toes. That always worked with my little brother.

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