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You MUST watch this video


Emmett John: The heart attack inducing toddler

This actually illustrates quiet well some of the challenges facing the special needs parent. Autistic kids have sensory needs and will often do anything to fulfill those needs, even at their own risk. I was taking a random video of Emmett John just trying out the camera and this happened. He has very specific sensory needs and he gets …

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Welcome to my life. Enter at your own risk

On Tuesday morning we took Gavin to see Dr. R. We found out that Gavin can no longer safely take his MUCH NEEDED anti-psychotics. We knew we needed to adjust the Lithium but he needed bloodwork first.  Wednesday morning Lizze took Gavin for his bloodwork and he did great. While she was gone I was …

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Elliott Richard’s 1st day of school

ER had his first day of year round pre-school today. I was so worried about how this would go but he had a great day. He likes his teachers and classmates. He didn’t like the “carrots and green stuff” that were served with lunch. I can’t express how much relief I felt knowing it went …

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Gavin Crisis Update 8-25-2010

Gavin went to see Dr. R this morning. Here’s the dime store version. Gavin can no longer take anti-psychotics safely. Dr. R isn’t comfortable with Gavin being on them for right now at least. As we suspected Gavin is EXTREMELY manic and the current does of Lithium is working. He has bloodwork in the AM …

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Autistic Heartbreak

My heart has been broken tonight. We went to visit Elliott Richards new school this evening. Everything was went real well. Then we went into the classroom to meet the teachers. Most of his classmates were there. Everyone was playing together. Elliott Richard was off by himself and for the first time I saw him …

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