Gavin is crossing the line

Gavin was playing with Elliott and for whatever reason he decided to touch Elliott’s butt. Elliott was very upset by this. Gavin freaked out and had a meltdown when confronted. I don’t think it was a sexual thing but more a poor choice of places to touch him to get his attention.

Regardless of his intentions he has to understand that it’s not ok to do that. How do you get someone to understand something that complex when they can’t understand the most basic things in life.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Stuart Duncan

One time my 2 year old came to me and said "Dad, I have a pocket in my butt!" And he's not Autistic.
Kids are just fascinated with these 'private' places for some reason and certainly don't look at them the way we do.

Lost and Tired

You are right. The problem is if he does that to someone who either isn't understanding or just doesn't care he will be in big trouble. That is what worries me so much. But your right most of the time these things are innocent. Thanks Stuart


Rob, this is one of those things… we have the same issues with DW (little man) he can't seem to NOT touch others on the butt, boob, or somewhere else not deemed appropriate. On a couple of occasions he tried to stick his toe IN his brothers butt – thankfully pants were intact! I don't know why they do it, or what goes through their heads to make it okay… It just one more thing in a long list of things we have to tell them NOT to do every time we turn around! You remain in my thoughts and prayers daily! Hope Lizzie is improving!