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…debate has begun. Lizze and I are in over our heads and I think that should be obvious to most people. When we decided to send Elliott to a private school we did so because we wanted to give him the best education we could and were promised help along the way.

We are very happy at his preschool but many things have changed since I attended school there. Everything seems to be about money and forced “volunteer” work. I understand the idea behind it but we cannot accommodate the requirements. We cannot do 20,30,40,50 or 60 hours of community service to the church/school. Something always comes up when you have 3 Autistic children.

Giving us the option to buy our way out of the hours reminds me of buying carbon offsets. If we had the money to buy our way out of the hours then we wouldn’t need the help with tuition in the first place. I am feeling extremely overwhelmed by this school situation. Elliott is very happy there and its a good school but I don’t see how we are going to manage this long term. I will do anything in my power to ensure he gets a quality and safe education. However, some times my hands are tied by things outside of my control.

I feel pressured to attend mass again to. I would like to start going back but don’t need to hear about if we aren’t there. God has given my family a significant challenge in this life and I think he understands why we can’t be at mass on Sunday’s. For anyone else who doesn’t try walking in my shoe’s for a short time. It’s hard enough to get to the places we need to go like the doctors office or hospital trips. Church honestly isn’t even on my radar at the moment. I’m to busy trying to figure out how to help my oldest who is Autistic, bipolar and possibly schizophrenic with his troubling movement disorder that no one seems to be able to help him with.
We are trying to get early intervention for our youngest so he can learn to communicate with and navigate through his world.
At the same time we are trying to give Elliott the environment he needs to develop and grow with out getting lost in the shuffle all while making sure any special needs are addressed as well.

Lizze is struggling to make it through each day. She always wears a smile but underneath is a mother who’s is in extreme amounts of pain at any given time. She wakes up unrested and with a migraine everyday and no one has been able to help her yet. I would love to be able to take this burden she is forced to carry away.

One can hopefully understand that my schedule is booked solid. As much as I would love to “volunteer” my time you can certianly understand that I simply have no time to give. We cannot afford to take any time away from the kids as they don’t get enough to begin with. I have other priorties for the foreseeable future.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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What Stuart said! +1!

Stuart Duncan

I wish I had some answers or could offer some help. One thing I can say is to ignore the ones who judge, ridicule or otherwise show their ignorance by making statements contrary to the obvious.
Family always comes first, no matter what. And anyone who thinks otherwise has their priorities out of order.

Lost and Tired

Thanks Staurt. Without your help this blog would not exist in its.current form. Family comes first period. Very well said, as usual.