Emmett John status update -

Emmett John status update

Emmett John is our pre-verbal 2 year old little blessing. Emmett John has always struggled with communication. We are learning or trying to learn sign language. Emmett John has no way to communicate with us or us with him. It’s honestly heartbreaking to watch him struggle.

Lately we have been seeing more and more meltdowns. He is shrieking now when he gets upset and that’s something new in the past few weeks. We have to get the earily intervention in place. Unfortunatly that will most likely require us to triage our kids. In other words we are going to gave to prioritize.

We are going to focus our limited resources on those who will receive the most benefit. That is Elliott and Emmett. Thy have the brighest future. All the experts and have told us that Gavin is not going to get better and that we have to preserve the health of the healthy. No matter how much we pour into Gavin nothing ever sticks. They tells us that in the past 6 years something should have taken root. We have literally tried everything and nothing works.

We have to make some tough decisions ahead but we will have to figure something out in order to give our kids the best and brightest future we can.

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