Tomorrow's agenda....... -

Tomorrow’s agenda…….

Tomorrow begins the busy days… Here’s the run down:
Wake Lizze up for meds 7am
Elliott to school 7:30am
Gavin school 8am
Errands 9am-11am
Wake Lizze up for meds 11:30am
Emmett to school 12:00pm
Lizze to sleep disorder doctor 1pm
Lizze home and back to bed 2pm
Elliott picked up from school 2:15pm
Emmett picked up from school 2:30pm
Gavin picked up from school 3pm
Make dinner
Get Lizzie up to take meds
Elliott to therapy 6 pm
Kids to bed 7:30pm

Pretty simple right? I figured it out and on Tues and Thurs I will be driving over 100 miles simply taking the kids to and picking them up from school.

I have to call in the morning to schedule Emmett’s speech, other and pt at Akron Kid’s. That when the full will really begin.

I’m going to bed.  Good night everyone, thanks for reading…

-lost and tired

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