Cleveland: Here we come….

Cleveland: Here we come….

Lizze just got off the phone with Case Western. This is where he needs to go for weekly therapy. Akron Children’s Hospital HIGHLY recommends this program. If Emmett would benefit from this then we will have to figure out a way to make it work. It takes us about 1 hr and 2- minutes to get there.

I don’t know how this is going to happen especially with the van. How do you put a price on your child’s future? When the doctors tell you “he needs this” how do you say anything other then yes, absolutely yes? I will do ANYTHING to secure him a brighter future. That said, I have to be able to manage the logistics of everything. That’s where I hit the road blocks. I need to get the van into service and get it fixed once and for all. I need to figure out the scheduling of all of this.  This intervention is “Free” how “free” comes at the cost of 2 trips to Cleveland per week for at least the next year. I’m looking at hundreds of dollars in gas alone. Right now it’s about $60 + to fill the gas tank in the Van. Figure filling up 2 times per week between Cleveland and trips to Akron, other local Doctor’s, school and OT, Speech,PT. That cost alone makes me nervous. Then I have to worry about arrangements for the other 2 kids twice a week as well. Anyone with Autistic kids will tell you that “arrangements” are not easy to make.

We have to talk to them again in the morning and get more details. We have a list of questions we need to ask as well.

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