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2 boys with a fever…..1 without

So Elliott and Emmett both are still hanging on to the fever.. Gavin seems to be better…at least for now. Elliott and Emmett will both be home from school AGAIN tomorrow. We’ll see how Gavin’s doing in the morning. This always drags on. They seem to just keep passing the germs back and forth….. These …

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“Kinecting” with Autism…..

I’m a huge believer in using technology to help make our lives more manageable. When we got our tax return this year one of the things that we did was try to build a crash room. That didn’t go very well. When our bouncey house died we were unable to replace it due to being …

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Gavin’s Struggles

Gavin has been doing pretty well especially for the past month or so. He was finally able to be put back on the anti-psychotics after his LP at the Cleveland Clinic. However, the past few days Gavin has begun to struggle again. We are seeing multiple meltdowns per day again. He has also become very disorganized …

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3’s a crowd…..

It’s confirmed….. Elliott is the 3rd Autistic child in our family to be stricken with a fever…. Now, if you’ll excuse me, God and I are going to have little talk…..wish him luck…. -lost and tired Posted via midNIGHT powered Epic 4G by lost and tired

Two are down with fevers….

We sent two healthy kids out, one to each set of grandparents. However, we get 2 sicks ones back in return. That doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me 😉 Emmett and Gavin both have fevers…This is going to be a long night. When I told Gavin he had a fever he started freaking …

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Van/Tire Update….. Unbelievable….

I managed to get the tire fixed. My dad came and we pulled it off and got it repaired. When we got mack to my house I went to pull the tire out of the back of his van and we heard this “hissing” sound. Guess what…..that’s right my dad’s back drivers side tire was …

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