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Unfortunately, the trip to the hospital didn’t work. Lizze’s migraine came back yesterday morning. It never actually broke but the pain killers worked to bring the pain level down a bit. However, that was short lived.  Lizze is scheduled for an occipital never block in 2 weeks and a headache infusion in 3 weeks. I’m really hoping the migraine just breaks before she needs to have these done. The occipital never block is a VERY painful procedure and is not always effective. The headache infusion will take 3 days.


Please say a prayer we get this under control before the procedures are scheduled.

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I'm so sorry for everything you're going through. I understand some but not all of what you're going through. Be strong…be brave…you are not alone. HOLD ON. I hope you and your whole family can feel my cyber-hug!!!

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