We hit an unexpected snag in today's plans -

We hit an unexpected snag in today’s plans

I feel like I slept pretty okay-ish last night. I went walking first thing this morning while Gavin was doing his IVIG infusion.

We hit an unexpected snag in today’s plans.

The idea was to walk and then take Gavin to get his bloodwork done.. Unfortunately, the lab was closed today. I guess I wouldn’t have thought they would be closed but they were.

This isn’t a huge deal but it cuts us closer to the deadline for getting his labs done.

His Clozapine runs out on Wednesday morning and son we absolutely must get them done tomorrow. It’s already going to be a busy day because of Gavin’s appointment with neurology but we’re going to have to make it work.

I hate when we cut things this close with his lab work but there’s a window we have to be in and unfortunately, that windows doesn’t take holidays into account.

As long as it’s done tomorrow and assuming the lab actually faxes the results to the pharmacy, it’s entirely possible for his refill to be here in time for Wednesday evening.

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