Hey friends, it’s been a little while. I haven’t been posting like I usually do and I have a few reasons for that. I really want to regain my focus but the truth is right now it’s a bit more difficult then usual.  There have actually been some pretty positive things in the past few days. For starters I want to say THANK YOU to the Android community for taking up the cause of spreading Autism Awareness. Recently I was VERY surprised by this communities generosity and compassion. A friend by the screen name of dreamsforgotten decided to take it upon himself to help me get my phone back. I had recently sold it in order to try to get our van fixed and cover some expenses related to the kids. He decided to “pay if forward”  and began collecting donations from the community to help me replace my phone. I was completely caught off guard by this act of kindness and the out pouring of support he received. Several other developers that I honestly look up too stepped in to help as well, k0nane, ACS and Bonsai all played big parts in this and for that I am VERY grateful. It really feels good to know so many people stand behind me and my family on our journey.

I have never experienced anything like this before and I am completely humbled by this. I just wanted to share that with everyone because as bad as the world can be sometimes it’s still FULL of GOOD people. There are SO many Autism aware people now inside the Android community and they are sharing what they are learning and educating others and talking to their own kids about Autism as well.

THANK YOU everyone for ALL the support and understanding. It truly means a lot to me and I will never forget your kindness.   If you would like to view the original thread you can find that here:

Even if your not into Android phones it good to see kindness, compassion AND Autism Awareness is still alive and well in the world.


Thank you all very, very much……

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Johnny Bravo

You deserve it Rob. For everything you do for all those around you, always putting other first and never worrying about yourself. You deserve it. Thank you for all you do.

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