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I’m curious if anyone out there has a spouse or significant other that is Autistic? What kinds of unique challenges to you face?
The biggest struggle Lizze and I face is effective communication.

– Lost and Tired

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It was more problematic before he was diagnosed & on meds. He has serious foot in mouth syndrome. And I get why he doesn't lik green peppers, and other things. So I stopped making a issue of wanting him to deal with it… and he stopped having an issue… Does that make sense? As for the marriage, we do get in really weird arguments. Because we maybe arguing the same thing, but I word it less then correct or visa versa. I think THE hardest thing for me, is how he treats the kids. The kids are freaking out… he freaks out that he kids are freaking out… the kids get louder… he gets louder.. The 3 of them tend cause a lot of their problems. Because neither of them know how to communicate well, or cope well. Now that we got the boys & hubby medicated & the boys into therapy. It isn't as bad as it used to be.. But it still happens. And I gotta admit, those are the days that I feel I need to hide from them. They wear me out.
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Thank you for opening up about that. I experience much the same things you do. Keeps me in my toes. The most frustrating/exhausting part is everyone has a different way to communicate and I find myself constanting having to shift gears, so to speak.


Exactly. If I shift gears with the kids. Not so bad, but If I go from wifey to mommy to deal with the lil monkeys. He takes it personal. I can't make him not feel that way. I do get it. But I am not 3 people. So while I am pretty patient person. I don't have much sympathy for him. He is an adult and he has to deal with the world the best he can. As for the kids, I do my best to teach them coping skills… Like your home, it's pretty chaotic, even on good days. My hope is that they get at least 10% of what I am teaching.. If they are able to.. I am doing good.
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AMEN…. 🙂


That is AWESOME. You can help a ton of people, including myself. I'm gonna tweet your blog address out….
Thank you so much for sharing this. This will also be very helpful for my wife as well. People need insight into these things.

Thanks again 🙂


My hubby is on the spectrum. It's not a major issue for us but it does mean he doesn't like to socialise much, has little patience and alittle trouble seeing things from my perspective. I guess i just see these things as part of him if you like and don't notice them. I think the hardest part is I often need to be a mind reader and 'what are you thinking?' is a question i have to constantly ask lol.


Very interesting. Lizze and I have issues with communication. We are on different wave lengths and so sometimes it's tough to see that we are both on the same page. I the kind of person that is very direct and if something upsets me I talk about it. Lizze is much like your hubby. It's tough for me to understand where she is coming from most of the time because I can't read her mind. Life is interesting and yet full of mystery.

Thanks for sharing