Radio Android is raising money for The Autism Society -

Radio Android is raising money for The Autism Society

I’m going to speak tonight on the Radio Android Show about Autism. They are going to be auctioning off special Autism Awareness Beanies tonight to benefit the Autism Society. I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it again, Autism Awareness is possible and the Android community is a perfect example of this. I have done alot of work with the Android community and I have used my ROM’s for the Epic 4G to spread Autism Awareness and it has worked. The Android community is an amazing group of people from all over the world. They have embraced this cause and have become Autism Aware. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing community and I thank them for all the support.   Android is Autism Aware

I’m really excited to be a part of this and anxious to spread some more Autism Awareness. So check out the article below for more information and links to the Android Activist website.


Below is an excerpt from  the Android Activist website.

Tonight on Radio Android’s “The Android Show”: We Raffle Off Autism Awareness Beanies And Announce The Winner Of The G2x!!

On 07.27.11, In ContestsNews, by 

What a positively epic program do we have in store for you tonight on The Android Show! Join myself and Russell Hollyover at for Episode #32 for what will surely be one of our most entertaining and awesome programs we’ve ever produced. Originally we had a OEM planned for tonight’s show, but they haven’t had enough time to work their magic and gain approval for an on-air interview. So, with that being said… we’re going to fill the show up the best way we know how: by giving stuff away and raising money for charity! 

You may remember last year when we raised $1000 for the Susan G. KomenFoundation for breast cancer research by auctioning off a limited edition KMOBS pink AndroidBeanie pack… including a device and other donated items. The fundraiser was wildly successful, and garnered a lot of attention. We’ve been approached to do other giveaways (they are in the works) since then, and we’re ready to launch the latest.

Most of you should remember a community member named Scott Good. He’s given a ton of Android related items out over his Twitter account, and actively advocates for Android every chance he gets. He’s been one of our most enthusiastic supporters since day one, and I’ve come to know him as a truly genuine and honest individual. Recently he came to me about raising money for Autism awareness through The Autism Society by auctioning off these very special autism puzzle beanies made byAndroidBeanie. Through a lot of hard work and planning by a lot of people, we’re ready to set it off.

The auction will work like this: we’ve got six Autism Puzzle Droid AndroidBeanies up for auction. One at a time we’ll accept callers into the show to bid on the beanies until they are all gone. Bidding will start at $50 per beanie. I’ve also heard word that there will be additional items added to the later auctions to increase the pot… what will those items be? You’ll have to watch and bid to find out… but I can promise that they are items of considerable value.

Rob Gorski and Family

Also, we’ll have our good friend Rob Gorski live on the show with us tonight to talk about how autism has affected his life. Rob is father to three boys with autism, and runs an excellent blog that networks between other parents that have children who are diagnosed autistic as well. Rob is taking time out of his night to educate us on autism and how personal this disorder is.

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