Catching our breath

Catching our breath

We finally made it through the week.  No one got left behind or lost in the shuffle….and there was a whole lot of shuffling going on.

We had to put many things on hold this week in order to survive but when surving is the priority,  and it is,  you do what you have to and fun deal with the fallout later on.  There is some fallout that I have to deal with but it could always be worse.  Although,  honestly,  I need to learn to stop saying that because I end up inviting trouble and we already have enough of that on any given day.

Lizze is probably paying the biggest price for all of this week’s activity.  She is in a great deal of pain and has battled with a migraine all week.  She hasn’t really been able to take her pain medication this week because she needed to be a part of what was going on with both Emmett and Gavin. She hasn’t even complained either.  Hopefully,  she can recover somewhat this weekend because we begin all over again on Monday. 

Gavin and Elliott return to school on Monday,  while Emmett will be out for at least a week.  All Emmett’s therapies are on hold during his recovery as well… He’s not going to like that when and if he realizes that this week.

I can’t stress enough to all of you,  just how much your concern and support means to us.  Thank you so much for being you.

– Lost and Tired

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You will always have my love and support 🙂 I wanted so badly to call/text Lizze this week to ask about Emmett and Gavin and Elliott's first week of school, but I figured that after everything you guys had to go through this week she would be paying for it! LOL I didn't want to bother her. Also, Mike and I were talking and we have decided that you guys are definitely coming up to our place next summer for some cookout fun! I know you guys don't really do the visit thing and that's understandable, but the boys really seem to love it when Sayge is around! I would invite you up now, but our house is a little small for 4 adults & 4 children they wouldn't have as much fun as they do at your mansion LOL I figure if we do a summer cookout they can all run around screaming and yelling like little fools! LOL PLenty to do up here for ALL ages 😉 Anyhow, that was the decision we made, sorry that you weren't a part of it HAHAHAHAHA Lizze knows how bossy I can be LMAO! We love you 🙂 <3

I pray your weekend is as calm and not stressful as it can be for your family. I know the standards for that change on a daily basis. They do in our house. I don’t post often tho you and your family are often in my thoughts. I’m still working on getting over that “but you don’t really know them so you shouldn’t bother them” and “what could you say that could help” thought process. My 16 yr d doesn’t have that problem. She and her friends talk to anyone on facebook. Sorry, I think I got off topic. Good luck and remember you have lots of support here.

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