Where do socks go?

We here at the Lost and Tired house have had an ongoing issue for years now.  Where do all the kids socks go? More specifically,  where do Gavin’s socks go?

Recently,  I went through the entire house and collected all the stray socks.  I found total of 25 pairs of Gavin’s socks. That’s right,  25 freakin’ pairs of socks,  for Gavin alone. 

You would not believe the places I found socks.  You would think that Emmett,  the little boy who throws his clothes anywhere he can to keep from having to wear them,  would be missing socks but no,  just Gavin.

Once again,  Gavin is out of socks and a search of the house has turned nothing up.  What the heck does he do with his socks?  If you were to ask him,  and I have,  he would simply say,  I don’t know what I do with my socks. 25 pairs of socks,  I mean,  honestly,  how do you lose 25 pairs of socks,  with out a trace?

I have looked in all the usual storage places and found nothing.  I swear to God,  it’s like they just disappeared. 

As I’m typing this,  the thought occurred to me.  Could he be eating them?  When that may sound ridiculous to some,  Gavin has eaten much stranger things in the past.  So this is a possibility,  that until just now I haven’t thought of.

Do any of you folks have a similar problem with things like missing socks?  Are your kids hiding them?  If so could you please share the locations you have found them,  I could use some new ideas. 🙂

– Lost and Tired

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No chance of that at all. Meds never work for very long for him. With all the stress of everything, he is likely overstimulated and walking the thin line between sanity and psychosis.


Socks go to Saturn. That ring everyone goes on about? It's made entirely of frozen socks. Socks, every bit of it. On a weirder note…when I was a kid and would misplace my socks or other small things I used to worry that I'd eaten them. I never did that, of course, but I always worried that I did because I could not think of another way for things to just disappear.


That\’s too funny. Thanks for that. I needed it today.. 🙂


That is funny. I appreciate the humor my friend. I needed it today 🙂