Weekly becomes biweekly -

Weekly becomes biweekly



For over 6 months now,  Gavin has been having his blood drawn every 7 days.  This is done to monitor is white blood cell count. 

He’s only a medication called Clozapine for schizoaffective disorder.  Clozapine is the most tightly controlled drug in the US.

For the first 6 months,  he needs bloodwork every 7 days,  in order to refill his prescription for another 7 days.  We have reached a point where he will now be getting 14 days worth of pills at a time. 

This means that he only needs his bloodwork done twice a month now. 

It may not seem like much but to Gavin it’s a pretty big deal. After today,  it will be two weeks before he needs stuck with a needle again. 

As far as today’s bloodwork went,  he did a really awesome job…..

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Hey I had a question I just thought of, it's unrelated to this blog post but I don't know any other way to easily contact you.

I'm a freelance illustrator as a hobby and a deep special interest of mine. I enjoy drawing all kinds of things, usually revolving around cute animals or disney-esque characters.

With that in mind, I was wondering if your kids all had a favorite animal or favorite cartoon character I could draw up for them as a Christmas present? 🙂 I wouldn't be able to mail it out sadly because I do digital work in photoshop mostly, but I could easily email you the full rez versions in any format wanted. :3 I'd love to do something nice for some kids who greatly deserve something special, and often the best gifts are ones created with meaning rather than bought imo.

Just had that thought while I was doodling tonight :3

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