Today's Victory: 12/09/2011 -

Today’s Victory: 12/09/2011


Today’s Vitory I brought to you by my oldest son,  Gavin.

We get our water from a company called Clear Water.  He have a 5 gallon water cooler and so we have to refill the jugs about every week or so.

Sometimes,  Gavin will tag along and always wants to help.  Typically,  Gavin can’t seem to get the timing of shutting the water offer before it sprays everywhere.

However,  on this occasion,  he did the entire process on his own. He put in the token and filled up the jugs without soaking himself in the process.

He even wiped them down when he was done.

This seems like an arbitrary skill but the reality is that he needs to know this kind of thing in order to function independently in the future. 

The bottom line is that it was something he couldn’t do before and now can.

The sounds like a big’ol victory to me.  Great job Gavin…..

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Melatonin is the natural sleep aide.


That is wonderful; what a HUGE victory! Go, Gavin!
Michelle, he was talking about Melatonin; it is a natural sleep aid. 🙂
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Thanks. A victory is a victory and this is a skill he can actually use in life.

PurpleLogic Rules

Way to Go Gavin. Learning timing is a great skill. So proud for you

The other day you posted something that u use on occasion when your children are having problems sleeping, can u tell me what that was again, my son is having problems sleeping lately???
Thank you!!!

i need to let luke help more often with things i know he could do by himself but i find myself with the “rather do it myself” attitude. good job gavin

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