Starting the day off with good news

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I wanted to share a bit of very positive news this morning. I know it seems like everything is always negative here but it really isn’t. The idea of being transparent means that you get a glimpse into the reality in which I live. The reality is, there are major challenges in my life and if I wasn’t open about them, what you’d be reading was nothing more than spin or fantasy.

With that said, I’m super stoked to share this today.

For months and months, my youngest, Emmett, has refused to sleep in his own bed. He’s been through so much and sleeping near me is the only way he was able to fall asleep. It’s problematic and has significantly reduced my overall quality of sleep, but as a parent, you do whatever you can for your kids. If he needed to sleep closer to me in order to feel safe, I was happy to make that work.

I’ve been working with him on trying to sleep on his own but the success rate was zero.

Last night, however, Mr. Emmett slept the entire night in his own bed and I guess I didn’t realize that until I woke up and found him in his room.

I don’t know if this will be a reoccurring event but regardless, I’m so proud of him and this is absolutely a positive thing.

Rob Gorski

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