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We discovered a new problem this afternoon.  Well,  actually this has probably been going on a little while now and has only now come to our attention.

I was laying down in bed and little while ago and I heard a loud chewing sound,  coming from the ceiling.

Squirrels have chewed through the facia along the gutter line and entered the wall spaces.  They seem to be chewing their way in farther and farther. 

It’s actually really loud and will easily be enough to drive me crazy. 

I’ll have to call an exterminator and deal with the problem before the kids start to freak out about it.  Gavin is especially susceptible to paranoia as he is prone to seeing and hearing things that aren’t there.

These little critters haven’t actually made into the house yet but inside the wall and floor spaces is close enough for me.

The adventure never ends…….

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Given G's hallucinations with Rats…. I could see those returning FAST and in a big way if he catches on to this 🙁