At least one of them made it to school 

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I had the hardest time falling asleep last night and didn’t do so until almost 4 am. There wasn’t anything wrong other than not being able to shut my brain off. 

There were so many thoughts racing through my head and I couldn’t process them all. I did squeak out a few hours in the end and I’m happy-ish with that for now. 

All things considered, I’m doing pretty awesome this morning. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for everyone else. 

Lizze is on day two of being sick but at least she’s in good company now. Very early on this morning, she was joined by Mr. Emmett, who isn’t feeling well either. 

He’s experiencing a double whammy. The main issue this morning was nausea, likely related to nasal drip. Then of course, there’s the mouth sores as well. Fever flare or not, he’s miserable. 

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Elliott is doing fine and got to school without any issue. 

The only one left is Gavin and he’s going to be sleeping off his morning meds in a little bit. Outside of that, it’s status quo for him. 

Hopefully, the day will only improve from here..  ☺