Back to normal?

Back to normal?  Well,  not really.  However,  Elliott did go back on to school this morning.

In some ways he seems to be doing better and others he’s not. 

He feel asleep to the melatonin last night,  but has been up since 3am.

We called the school and explained everything that was going on and they said not to worry.  They will help him through the school day.

If nothing else,  at least we will have another set of eyes on him today.  It will be nice to get their opinion of how he’s doing. Sometimes when you’re around someone all the time,  it’s difficult to notice more subtle changes.

The school hasn’t seen him for a week and that should be more than enough to gauge where he is now, compared to where he was then.

I’m sure they will see the change but hopefully he’s moving back in the right direction.

We see his therapist tonight and will discuss where to go from here.

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