Today's Victory: 03/04/2012 -

Today’s Victory: 03/04/2012

Typically,  Today’s Victory is reserved for the awesome things my boys do.  However,  I wanted to do something a bit different today.

As you know,  Bella is the newest member of the Lost and Tired family.  So I thought I would share some of the cute things that we get to see first hand and enjoy as a family. 

So without further delay,  Today’s Victory is brought to you by Bella.  In the past 2 weeks Bella has grown quite a bit.  This growth has been both physically and developmental. 

She has begun to get much more confident in herself.  She now is confident enough to sorta challenge Maggie.  In this photo,  Bella has claimed Maggie’s kenel as her own. Maggie actually was okay with it as well. 

They have even begun sharing toys.  Bella has been a fantastic edition to the Lost and Tired family.  We are so grateful she was given to us. 

I also want to thank Betterment for the gift card that helps to care for the new edition.  Thanks you….

Oh…Please ignore the Christmas tree in the background.  The boys won’t let us take it down. 



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Clydeine Adamchick

I am right there with you! MY kids had me leave ours up until after Easter. Mostly cause I was working and then they said no, so it was still there with the Easter Baskets! LOL. Bella is a cutie! I cannot wait to get a dog! Think I need it more than my son! Thank you!!!

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