Elliott’s Vaccine Reaction: Worried

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I’m concerned that Elliott’s arm isn’t getting better.  It seems to be wrapping all the way around his arm.

He had his dose of benedryl and I applied the hydrocortisone cream before he went to bed.  I also make the edges of the inflammation so it’s easier to tell if it’s getting worse and if so,  but how much.

It doesn’t seem to be bothering him to much right now though.  Hopefully,  that’s a good sign.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers today.  I truly appreciate them.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Sara James-Stepanovi

I wasn't trying to be rude I was asking a question, sorry you read more into that then you should have.( now that's me being rude)

Gayle Provost via Fa

I am a nurse, (and mommy of 2 on the spectrum) and I agree with heathers second comment. Cellulitis would be my first concern. Also, I would be sure (once thing calm down a bit) to be sure the reaction is reported in the VAERS through the CDC. I would avoid Tylenol. If you need a pain reliever, stick with Motrin. It's an anti inflammatory. Watch the redness, if it spreads past your marking (heathers suggestion), or if he spikes a fever then call the doc ASAP. If you need anything, send me a message and let me know. ALSO, guys, this poor family is stressed, I know we all have our beliefs about vaccination but right now, and here really shouldn't be the place. Right now he needs support and guidance. Please try to keep judgements off here, the poor guy is stressed enough. (for the record that wasn't just for Sara and I mean this in the most nicest loving way possible on Facebook)

Heather Renee McPhai

I am going to be honest… I haven't been following all your posts. What does it look like? Is it red? If so draw a line all around the red area then you will know for sure if it is getting worse. That's one of the things the hospital would do. Since I am on my phone I can't pull up any older posts for some reason. Hugs to you and your little one. It sounds like you have done just about everything I can think of!

Heather Renee McPhai

Sara I think your comment is rather rude.

Melissa Pinteric via

Alot of us still vaccinate. Gotta protect against the unvaccinated.

Tara Safarian via Fa

Scary! I would take him to the ER!

Sara James-Stepanovi

Oh you still vaccinate?


I had that happen with a pneumonia vaccine once. If it is uncomfortable for him, you can try cold compresses to soothe the pain/heat from the inflammation. I hope he feels better soon!