We have an insanely busy week planned

The boys only have three days of this week before Christmas break begins. and I have to finish up some last minute shopping but upon further review, we don’t actually have that much left.

We have quite a bit going in this week as well. 

The boys have . We have and as well. We have the boys Christmas program at school. has the and Lizze has a doctor’s appointment also. 

We also have our rescheduled installation as well because the tech became ill last week and wasn’t able to make it out here.

As Christmas gets closer and closer, the boys become more and more anxious. This is a really difficult time for them because the anticipation and excitement is pushing them to the edge of what they can handle.

In other words, it’s going to be a long week.. I’m hoping to make it an enjoyable one as well….

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Kim Gebhardt

I hope you are going to share videos of the Christmas program. Last year’s was fantastic.