#Autism: Seize the moment and teach something cool -

#Autism: Seize the moment and teach something cool

Something that I think is really important to do is teach my kids to overcome their fears.  Today,  I found a baby snake outside, in Ohio and in the month of March. Actually,  Bella and I both found it.

I wanted to use this opportunity to teach my kids about snakes.

Everyone was afraid of it at first.  I know Gavin has had contact with a snake in the past but he was the only one.

This was a really tiny snake and couldn’t bite if it wanted to. It was perfectly safe for all involved.  I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to explore,  learn and gain respect for our new leggless friend.

I shared some basic information with them about snakes,  how they move and what they eat.  I also explained that it was unusual to find them in March,  in Ohio because they should be hibernation.

Emmett really took to it,  as he has a natural curiosity.  Elliott was a bit nervous but eventually warmed up and touched it.

Gavin on the other hand,  poked it with a stick.

Overall it was a positive experience.  When we were done,  we let the snake go back in the in the yard. 

Take a few minutes and teach your kids something cool today.  The time and experience is so worth it.



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