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Hello fellow #Autism Community members. I want to bring a very serious problem to your attention. Apple, the maker of the iPad and iPhone is exploiting loopholes in our current patent system. They are using these exploits in an attempt to maintain or rather regain their market share from android.  They are doing so by suing the manufactures of android based devices. These manufactures include Motorola, HTC and Samsung. These companies, especially Samsung, have absolutely dominated the smartphone and tablet market.

Apples approach to this is to patent features in the iOS that originated as open source features in android years ago. They then sue the manufactures for “infringing” on their intellectual property and move to have those products banned from sale. The most recent case of the was HTC’s US launch of the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Apples attorney’s succeeded in delaying the launch for several weeks before customs finally released the shipments and allowed them to enter the US. Apple is currently trying to do the same thing with the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well. 

Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, please support Stand UP 2 Apple. It’s not about hating the iPhone or iPad but rather the business practices and abuse of the patent and legal system. We have to send the message to Apple that we want a choice when it comes to purchasing a smartphone or tablet.

Why is this important? Simple. If Apple is allowed to go on this lawsuit rampage, it will directly affect what products you have available to purchase. How many of you out there can’t afford an iPad for your child with #Autism now? Imagine if Apple manages to eliminate the competition? What will happen to the already over priced iPad? There will be no reason for Apple to make the price more affordable because if the android tablets are gone, your only choice will be to pay whatever Apple wants for an iPad.  If this continues, we will not have a choice in the smartphone or tablet we want to purchase with our hard earned money.

Apple has a fierce fan base. Please understand that this is not about bashing any one particular product. It’s about holding a company accountable for unethical and anitcompetitive business practices.

android is owned by Google. Why do you think that Apple has taken to suing the manufactures and not going after Google directly. The features that Apple is suing over are also found in the stock version of android as well. Why not go after the source?

Please visit the Stand UP 2 Apple and check out the information that explains in detail what Apple is attempting to do and in many cases actually succeeds in doing it.

Apple’s practices are bad for everyone.

Please like the “Stand UP 2 Apple” Facebook page.
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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Patrick Toussaint

I find it ironic that Apple takes the "patent suit" route when they stole the mouse from xerox back in the '70s. *laugh* But, that's the system today – companies get broad blanket patents to encourage development, and then rather than really develop with it, they look for ways to sue for IP infringement.


Well said…


The update or I might say, the concern that you have here should not be taken for granted. There are many people who rely on Appl but they must be also aware of their limitations. This really is a serious concern because this may affect a lot of users of their gadgets including the other companies.
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