The struggle is real but it’s not all bad

The struggle is real but it’s not all bad

There are a few things to talk about before I call it a night. Some are positive and others, not so much. I will begin with the more unpleasant stuff because I’d like to end on a positive note.

Part of the reason I haven’t written much this weekend is because I’m really focusing on the kids and they’re struggling quite a bit. I always focus on the kids but Elliott, in particular, has been very, very upset for the last day or so. I’m trying to give him some space while still helping him to work through some of this. Unfortunately, the best I can do is listen, help him to feel validated because, in many ways, he’s not wrong. I also help him work on ways of dealing with his emotions in a more positive, less self-destructive way.

Thankfully, he’s not holding it all in anymore and he’s talking to me. There’s not a great deal I can do, but venting seems to help him a bit. I’m so proud of him for speaking his mind. Now we have to really focus on managing his emotions.

Elliott’s a very sensitive kid and feels things with more intensity. He’s hurt, angry, scared and confused. Those are tough things to manage, especially at his age.

My hope for him is that he can learn to move passed some of these things or at least carry them in a healthier way. Elliott is such a sweet, empathetic, compassionate, insightful and brilliant kid. I just want him to be happy. He deserves to be happy.

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Can’t believe Emmett is doing 1000 piece puzzles. He must have that puzzle-type of mind!

My family also does puzzles for fun and relaxation. They pair well with books read outloud from audible. Soooo – I’ve got many many 1000 piece puzzles. Mostly we do art puzzles, but I’ve got also some animal puzzles (maybe that is more what Emmett would be into?). I am happy to send however many you want or (if it’s easier) send you one whenever the old one is almost done.


That’s good. I hope you all can have a better week, too.

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