The clean slate

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It’s no secret that we struggle with Gavin’s behaviors. One of the things  that we do as often as safety allows,  is wipe the slate clean at the beginning of each new day.

This basically means that what happened yesterday is in the past.  This allows us the possibility of moving forward.

While this is not always possible or easy,  we do make a concerted effort towards providing him a fresh start every day.  Sometimes we can’t because of the severity of the previous days events.

Safety must always come first.

By doing this,  I feel that we are teaching that mistakes happen and everyday is a learning experience. 

The frustrating part of this,  at least for me is that,  Gavin never learns from his mistakes. Despite that,  we try anyways to provide him with the tools he needs to move forward. 

By ensuring that each day is a fresh start,  we are attempting to elevate the burden of yesterday‘s mistakes. 

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