Tuesday Night Therapy: 08/07/2012

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We see Dr.  Patti in just a little bit for our regular,  Tuesday night therapy session with the boys.  This is everyone’s favorite day of the week cause they love seeing Dr.  Patti.

Tonight we are going to focus on Gavin for some of the time and Elliott the rest.

While Gavin is making better choices overall,  we are starting to notice some concerning behavior.  He’s slipping back into some bad habits.  For example,  he is treating Lizze one way and me another. 

He goes to great lengths to not let me witness what he says to Lizze.  I don‘t like that at all and neither does Lizze

He seems to be a bit more scattered in his thoughts lately.  The other thing we noticed is that he is constantly wanting us to complement him. Maybe he just needs reassurance but I don‘t know. It just seems….different. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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 @Chloe123  that is entirely possible however given Gavin's past, it really is a crapshoot for the Gorski's. @lostandtired  – Rob I hope Patti is able to shed some light on this… and not add to the enigma.  


 @nicole_leebeck  @Chloe123 Crap is right… ooops, I meant crapshoot 🙂


I would say maybe he really just wants reinforcement, positive reinforcement from you, just to show that you notice and are proud of how well he is doing and how much he is trying. 


 @Chloe123 that's entirely possible. It just feels a bit different. It could be that it's because Gavin has no affect. So there's never any emotion behind his words. it just feels odd. it's really hard to describe.