Laughing with Bella, not at her -

Laughing with Bella, not at her

So Bella is back from the Vet’s office and is going to be just fine.  They removed the tape,  which she had a reaction to.  She also did pop one stitch,  but she’s already healing up nicely. 

They did fit her for an e-collar.  To say Bella was unhappy about that would be a gross understatement. 

However,  she only has to wear it when we can’t watch her.  The stitches come out a week from today so we are going to have to try to just watch her till then.

Bella sorta freaks out with the e-collar on.  It’s kinda like trying to walk a cat on a leash.  They just sorta bounce around spazzing out. That’s why we are going to likely just try to watch her instead of using the collar. 

All we have is a week to go and I don’t believe we have any out of town trips until later in the month,  so at least one of us will be home.




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       -Lost and Tired

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AWWW, have I told you how cute and adorable she is! 🙂 How old is she now?


 @Chloe123 Thanks. She's about 7 months old. 

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