Please keep Gavin in your thoughts

Last night,  Gavin was on the verge of an autonomic crisis.  Because we can never get reliable information from him,  we have come up with a system to help.

The system is simple and consists of the numbers 1-5.

We will ask Gavin how he’s feeling,  he will use the number 1-5 to describe how he’s feeling.  1 means he feels good and there are no problems.  

Last night,  Gavin came down and told us that he was at a 3 and having chest pain and nausea.

The 3 turned into a 5 and he was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. We got him his anti-nausea meds and got him to lay down and rest.  About 10 minutes later, everything seemed to subside.

I don’t know how he’s feeling this morning but I really hope it’s good. I’m desperately hoping we don’t have to take him in to the hospital.

Please keep him in your thoughts…..

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Rob Gorski

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That is a good idea. I use this method for my Peter's emotions – 1 = Very happy -> 5 = Complete meltdown.He can usually tell me between 1 & 3, but isn't able to think clearly enough when he is a 4 or 5. The only trouble is, if I ask him  when he's around  4, it can often push him over into a 5!Maybe one day, he will be able to recognise and even comunicate a 4 to me.Hope Gavin feels better soon. x