Behavioral problems with Gavin

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Gavin’s good day at school was followed immediately by problems at therapy and problems after therapy.

During the car ride home,  Gavin was very rude and disrespectful towards Lizze. It got to the point that Emmett and Elliott begged him to stop talking.

We met with Dr. Patti and discussed Gavin recent behaviors.

She is very concerned about the Gavin’s sexual aggression and inappropriateness. We have to keep Gavin separated from his brothers as much as humanly possible. 

Our primary concern is for Elliott and Emmett’s safety.

Wednesday night we meet with Dr. Patti again, this time with Gavin. It won’t be a pleasant appointment but one that obviously needs to happen…again.

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  • autiesmama says:

    You are right. On all points. Keep moving–sometimes that's the best you can do. Regards, Leslie