Healing the broken tooth

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Elliott is on his way to get his tooth fixed. I’m not sure what they are actually going to do because it’s a baby tooth.

Strangely enough, he doesn’t seem to be in any pain right now.

Thankfully, he’s not very nervous. Hopefully, that will remain the case for the duration. I’ve promised him some extended Portal 2 time when he gets back. That will give him something to focus on.


He patiently waited to leave this morning by sitting on the couch and watching TV for a little while.

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Might I ask why you would let a young child like Elliot, seemingly riddled with anxiety, play a PG rated game based on such dark humor. Surely there are age appropriate games better suited to his emotional make-up.


Portal sounds like a really good game for someone like him actually. Besides the humor, it requires a lot of problem solving skills and a lot of thinking and such. Perfect for an overactive mind.


 I have no issues with the skill sets involved in the game. I do, however, question this particular genre/age appropriateness for this little guy.  There are many other, equally engaging games out there that don't rely on the noir for their story line.


@SGA I don't have a problem with Portal. There is no violence and its all puzzle solving. Sometimes you have to actually play the game to see if its appropriate rather than solely relying on the rating. PG is parental guidance and I'm right there with him.

Elliott is extremely intelligent and finds pleasure in the challenge. Portal is relaxing for him.


Good luck Elliot, I am sure you will do great!!!

P. S. Look forward to reading an update later Rob. Thinking of you all. 🙂


@Chloe123 thanks 🙂