Gavin's been freaking out all morning -

Gavin’s been freaking out all morning

We have nothing on the schedule for today, aside from the activities that happen every Friday. The kids have school, and Gavin has his IVIG Infusion.

Everyone is dragging this morning cause it’s been a very emotionally dragging week.

Gavin’s already caused some unnecessary stress. He was washing some dishes and began screaming. I’m talking a blood curdling, my fingers have been cut off kinda scream.

Lizze runs into the kitchen screaming for me cause Gavin sounded like he was in a seriously bad way and she wanted backup.

Turns out he accidently sprayed the hose and the trigger got stuck. He got water on the floor and didn’t know that simply turning the water off would solve the problem. That was it. A small amount of water on the floor and a major over reaction that’s left everyone in edge. Not the best way to start the day.

Gavin’s been freaking out over everything since. He’s definitely struggling today and is creating unbelievable amounts of tension.

This kind of thing gets very old, very fast.

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Suzanne Olsen

Poor gavin. Sensory overloaded due to worrying about getting into trouble.
Hope he managed to calm down

Craig Kline

Sorry, my friend.

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