My Sunbeam heating pad caught fire while I was using it -

My Sunbeam heating pad caught fire while I was using it

This morning, I was using our 2 year old Sunbeam therapeutic heating pad for my back. I had it set on a medium setting and I had it flat up against my lower back. I had my pillow behind me for lumbar support.

Within a few minutes of turning the heating pad on, I began to smell what I thought was an electrical fire. The smell wasn’t to bad at first and it went away but got worse after about 10 minutes of using the heating pad.

We unplugged it just to be safe. I got up to go put the heating pad away so that it didn’t get used again.

Upon standing up, this is what I found. The heating pad appears to have caught fire or was at the very least smoldering. The heating pad had burnt through itself, through my pillow case and into my pillow.

Obviously, this is very concerning and could have been disastrous.


Obviously, if I hadn’t had Lizze unplug it when I did, I would have been burned.

However, most concerning for me is that Emmett was leaning up against me as well. He could have been burnt as well.

This is really scary and could have ended in tragedy. The instructions clearly state Not to fall asleep while using. However, that’s something that has happened in the past. This thing has a sleep timer so that it shuts off after a set amount of time.

Imagine if I had accidentally fallen asleep.

I’m contacting Sunbeam to let them know what happened and find out what they want me to do.

I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Next time, someone could really be hurt.

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