A day at the movies: Take 2 -

A day at the movies: Take 2

I mentioned earlier that we were going to try to take Emmett to the movies this afternoon.  I wanted to try and improve his mood and maybe,  just maybe, break the cycle of screaming.

One of Emmett’s favorite things to do is go to the movies.  This may actually make birthdays and holidays a bit easier.  He’ll do the dance of joy at the thought of going to see a movie,  so maybe Santa needs to bring some Cinemark gift cards. 

Anyway,  as much as he likes to go,  he doesn’t always like to stay and watch the entire movie. Hence the Take 2 in the title of this post.  🙂 Also,  we try to stick to the $1 movies so we never take a huge hit if we have to leave 20 minutes into the movie.

Today we made a second attempt to finish watching Madagascar 3.

I’m excited to say that we actually made it through the entire movie.  That’s right,  I finally got to see how it ends. 

I really proud of Emmett for sitting through the entire 125 minutes.  Great job Emmett,  Mommy and I had lots of fun. 


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