Embarrassing moments and #Autism victories

Today’s #Autism Discussion is going to center around those embarrassing moments and #Autism victories


We all experience moments like this. 

We all find ourselves in embarrassing situations with our children with #Autism.  We also celebrate #Autism victories, both big and small. 


We can share our stories and perhaps give each other a chuckle with an embarrassing moment or hope with your #Autism victories.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Concrete thinking is a big part of ASD.  I was getting my children to so chores one Saturday morning.  The younger girl was vacuuming and I told her to be sure to get behind the bathroom door.  15 minutes later I went to look for her and there she was behind the bathroom door–just standing there.  She saw me and said, "Have I been behind the door long enough?


@Batty lol i done things like that one time when i was a kid i had to finish cleaing my bedroom before i could go out an play with my friend .my friend was waiting for me she was older then me .so i say i cant get this stain off an she said use some elbow greese .i said we dont have any .well after she recover from laughing so hard she couldnt breath ,she went an told my mom what happen an my mom explain what that ment .but every so offeten that kid storey pops up my mom thought it was so funny


well i no i proubly have emberesd freinds an family before .not in a bad way but becuse io still miss certin social cues an skills. i still dont get all the isiom an im supper litteral it can lead to many social boo boo lol