A new search for answers begins

This afternoon, Lizze and I will be returning to the Cleveland Clinic once again.  This time however, Gavin will be at school and Lizze is going great to be the patient.

She will meet with one of the top autonomic specialists in the country.

The purpose is to figure out what’s going on with her every declining health.  This will hopefully shed some light on the migraine she has had for the better part of the year.  We also hope to find answers about her sleep disorder, extremely low blood pressure and more.

Gavin doctors believe that Lizze may hold some clues as to what is going on with Gavin as well. 

They currently believe that Lizze has some sort of autonomic disorder and that is likely where Gavin acquired it as well. However, Gavin seems to have an exaggerated form and we haven’t been able to nail down a diagnosis yet. 

Lizze’s health has been in a steady decline for the last 5 years or so. Her current doctors can’t seem to help so we have to go to a facility like the Cleveland Clinic. 

Today is the first of many steps Lizze and I will be taking together on the journey to improve her quality of life. 

She’s really nervous but I have high hopes that we will be able to find help.

Please keep her in your thoughts today.  🙂

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Lizzie–you get all the prayers for assistance and insight on the part of the doctors you will be or already have consulted that I can offer up for you.  We would up at NIH for Keziah and that literally saved her life. Dr Lisa Rider is there and she is the top international expert on auto-immune.  My child would have been dead before she could be a teenager!