I received some really awesome news tonight

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I wanted to share some really amazing news. If you recall, I submitted my very first article to a company that hired me to write. This was basically a trial run and if all goes well, this could lead to more articles. 

This is a big deal because this is really good money and great exposure for my blog. 

I was really nervous because I really wasn’t given much restriction and I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

As luck would have it, they absolutely loved my article and after one round of editing, it appears to be good to go. This is a pretty big company and it seems that I’m a good fit thus far. 

When this article goes live, I’ll be sharing the link and asking you all to take a peek.. ☺ 

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I can’t stress enough how amazing this opportunity is for me and subsequently for my family. If I’m able to make this work, our lives will drastically change. ☺