Do you live in Northeast Ohio?

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I have been toying around with setting up a local support group for those of us  in my general geographic region. I wanted to find out if anyone would be interested in something like this.

I think the tone of the group would be that of this blog.

It would be nice to make some local connections and it would reinforce that we are alone.

I’m aware that there is much out there, at least in the Canton, Ohio area, in the way of support for #Autism and the families of those touched by it. If we do this, I would require the same that I require on this site. Everyone is treated with respect and no one is torn down for their personal beliefs on things like vaccines etc.

If you would be interested, please let me know by sending me a message via my Contact Me page.

If I get a big enough response, I’ll begin scouting out locations and figuring out the logistics. I only want to help. 🙂

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  • Merciless_Mom says:

    @reality_autism I used to.

  • E The Third Glance says:

    I just wanted to suggest google plus hangouts… apparently they work really well for this sort of thing (in long-distance-land)

  • Ronneykay says:

    @reality_autism no, I live in Phoenix AZ

  • disillusioned says:

    A support group talking about the types of things that are on this blog would be fantastic (but I live very far from you).  I hope that you don't mind if I give you something to think about in creating your group if you haven't already.
    Think about how to make it possible for people without access to child/teen care to attend.  Those are often the people that need the most support.  Perhaps someone has a great babysitter or rest bite worker that could also manage two more kids if you got them all to the same location (etc. etc.).  In my situation I would love to attend a group, but I would have no way to be there.  All the people willing to help our family, do so only in really important situations or emergencies only.  I did attend a group once and then quit after the first day because it was just so difficult.  I am sure you totally understand what I am saying and you have (I'm sure) faced similar situations.

  • bry brys mommy says:

    i think having a support group here would be a wonderful idea so that we can all get together and talk and help one another out on different things and ideas