Emergency Placement -

Emergency Placement

I can’t go into much detail at the moment but things got very, very bad this afternoon with Gavin.

He had a tantrum in the car today today.  It got ugly and it continued long after we arrived home. We are looking at emergency placement. We see Dr.  Patti tonight and Dr.  Reynolds in the morning. 

Gavin can no longer stay in our home.  He has to go. 

We have a tentative plan and I’ll explain more later.  If you could please keep my family and especially Elliott and Emmett who were traumatized by today’s events, in your thoughts and prayers…. I would be in your debt. 

In the picture below, you can see what happens when you beat yourself in the head with your own shoe.  🙁

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I can't even picture what it must be like. Please be kind to yourself. The words we use have power, your not evicting him. Your sending him someplace to help him, help your other children, your whole family. Your taking yet another step in getting him help.


I really hope there is resolution for all of you comes very soon! It is a torture to all of you. Hugs.


Hi Rob and Lizze:
I agree that Gavin should be in emergency placement. He needs an environment to help him resolve the self-injurious behavior. I can see the anger and frustration in his face. Because he is high-functioning, psychotherapy is crucial and will help him understand his emotions and conflicts.
I was wondering if Dr. Reynolds can use Naltrexone, an opiod blocker, to block the endorphin rush of self-inflicted injury? My son is taking a trial dose now to help with property destruction (destroying favorite toys, etc). *Sending virtual hugs to you and the family…and especially for Gavin…*  🙂


If this doesn't give the jackasses deciding whether or not Gavin is "severe" enough to need residential placement a reason to say yes, then I really don't know what will.  I love my nephew and hate to see him have to be separated from his family, but when I look at a picture like above it scares the shit out of me (pardon my language).  I start thinking "what will the injuries be like the older & stronger he gets." Then I also start thinking, "when hurting himself isn't enough for him anymore, who is next?" As you know, I support you guys 100%.  The choices you have to make are hard and are being made out of love! Good luck.


I'm so very sorry you're suffering this horrific nightmare.  I know you're hurting and we all wish we could ease the pain for you.  Please keep us posted and extra love and prayers for you and Lizze and the E's.


Oh, no! Hopefully that emergency placement will carry you over, and hurry up the process of a regular longer term placement.  Your friends will be praying that you can all find some relief tonight.


Praying for you!


So sorry 🙁

Lauri Golonka

My goodness….  I will send out a prayer for all of you.


stay strong, in my thoughts and prayers


praying for all involved ,can the other boys be watched tonight elsewhere until you find placement ,or would that increase their anxiety ?Can he placed for the short term,in the phyche ward for evaluation? not the perfect solution but to give you guys a break for  a few days,praying that long term solution can be found for Gavin ,and maybe a right solution will come also in right doctors ,treatment,and meds? My heart goes out for you and Lizze, Hang in there

Mary Franzen Costell

Prayers for you all. Even the dog must be traumatized.

Nic Stephens

Good luck for tomorrow. You are all in my thoughts. It is a very brave decision you guys are having to make. However it goes all my best wishes, love and luck. Nic x.

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