The sensory friendly Christmas tree -

The sensory friendly Christmas tree

Today is the day we put up our sensory friendly Christmas tree. We use an artificial tree that doesn‘t have the smell of pine, which I happen to really like,  but the rest of my family doesn‘t. 

We have also moved to plane white lights.  Gone are the flashing, chasing or strobe lights. 


Bright, Shiney, and noisy ornaments have gone extinct in our house as well.  Homemade paper ornaments are all you’ll find on our Christmas tree.

While it may not be as bright and festive as most others, it’s also not going to push my kids and wife over the edge and into an overstimulated free fall.

As far as decorating around the house, we keep things very simple.

In a family with 4 people on the #Autism spectrum, most often times we find that lees is more.

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It is kinda funny…my sweet girl does not like loud noise…Unless it is her toys. 🙂  The flashing lights would not matter with her being blind, but we do prefer the clear ones. They are just more calm and peaceful to me. That child loves loud singing ornaments though. However, this year I am having a really hard time with giving a crap about decorating…I was excited a month ago, now I feel like kicking the tree…except it is not up

Mary Franzen Costello

It sounds very festive to me. And full of love. My favorite ornaments on our tree are the handmade ones from my own childhood and my kids.


@Mary Franzen Costello last year the boys wanted to decorate the tree with their toys….. 🙂


On our tree I put only non blinking colored lights and pine cones with a little fake snow sprayed on the top.  The cones are very cheap to find, usually in dollar stores.  My autistic son loves them and when our cats destroy them its ok.   They are cheap to replace and don't shatter on the floor.  So don't feel bad about not having a loud tree.  We also find that less is more and I love our quiet, simple tree.  =)


@inked_dragons thank you for sharing that. Our cats do the same thing.

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