Nothing quite like a bedtime meltdown

Nothing quite like a bedtime meltdown

Elliott had a meltdown tonight before going to bed.  This lasted about 30 minutes and began when it was time to take his bedtime meds. 

I really hate meltdowns because they’re miserable for all persons involved. 

Elliott has become very tunnel visioned when it comes to things like video games or really anything that captures his attention.  He wanted to play his 3DS in bed tonight and we said that he’s played it enough already today.  That was the trigger. 

We didn’t even kill it cold turkey.  We gave him some lead time to finish up what he was doing. 

He’s just having a rough time anymore.  The stress of everything that Lizze and I are trying to cope with inadvertently spills over and impacts him as well. 

No matter how hard we try to shield the boys from this stress,  it’s simply not possible, it’s just that bad. 

My goal is to get some of these things resolved in short order so that we can provide relief ASAP. 

When you have a child with autism, or an autistic child,  if you prefer,  it’s really hard to keep them from picking up on things like stress and anxiety.  At least in the case with my boys, they are very perceptive and know when something is wrong,  even when we have really,  really tried to keep it from them.  🙂

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