Preparing for round 2 of the headache infusion

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When Lizze left the neurologists office this afternoon, she left with a little present called a hep lock. Basically, the hep lock is a 6 inch pieces of IV tubing coming of the catheter, that’s still in her arm.

This makes it easier and less painful with they start the IV on day 2.

I had to flush the hep lock out tonight and was really surprised to see that they were not using needless equipment.  I thought everyone had pretty much switched over to needless.

Flushing her hep lock really took me back to doing my time in the ER for medic school.

I really miss those days…….but at least Lizze doesn’t need to be stuck again for the 2nd infusion. Hopefully, the port will remain in so Wednesday she won’t need stuck either.  🙂




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Hang in there!  We have an almost 13 year old son with Severe Hemophilia A.  He’s been infused over 2,000 times in his young life, mostly with peripheral sticks.  He’s had a PICC line a few times when he had hospital stays needing daily infusions.  It is VERY weird that they didn’t go needleless with the hep lock on her!  But how awesome that God placed her in the capable hands of a father like you!  Glad she can get a reprieve by using this tool for now.  Needles are the pits.


@SNAPPIN_MIN thank you very much. I hoe your son is doing well. 🙂