#Autism: Order in the chaos

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The are times that I truly don’t understand my kids.  Autism can be quite perplexing for a parent. I am no exception to that rule.

On one hand, my kids won’t eat if their food isn’t perfectly aligned. Emmett especially, is extremely picky and likes his food separated. He’s refused to eat because his chicken nuggets weren’t in a straight line on his plate.

Then we have his and Elliott’s bedroom.

Everyday we clean it and everyday it ends up looking like this all over again. There are times that I’d swear it would be easier to just tear the house down and start over.


What confuses me is how this is okay for their toys but not okay for their food.

I’m sure there’s a reason for it, I just don’t know what that reason is. Sometimes, I wish the food things carried over into other areas of their lives.

On the other hand, I’m proud of them because, this has to be some weird form of progress, right?

While this can be a pain, sometimes even literally, I suppose it good in the sense that they’re sorta branching out…..

Could this actually be counted as a victory?

If only they had as much fun cleaning up as they had doing the demolition. That would definitely be a victory.  🙂

Do any of your kids do this as well?

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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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