Please stop the fighting

I’m trying to rest but the boys just keep fighting. I can’t just lay down and leave Lizze to deal with that in her own. I’m not sure why they aren’t getting along today but I wish they would pick a different day to wage war on each other. 

I’m miserable because I’m sick and Lizze is miserable because she’s in pain.  There’s no break in sight and I’m just really hoping that they can find something constructive to do together.

At this point everything we suggest or try is vetoed by the boys. 

I suppose they are at least together on that.  🙁

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I know what you mean. My boys have been fighting like this lately too. The oldest loves to play on the computer, and the second likes to watch, but cheers him on really loudly and likes to coach him. Well, the oldest has autism, so this throws him into overload when he is losing the games, and then screaming and a fight ensues, and sometimes leads to full out punching. (little one is a very tough cookie, can hold his own). I find it helps to get the oldest into a room he can look himself into while playing video games, or distract the youngest with TV, playing outside or put him on the DSI or engage him in something else. The only thing they can do peacefully for now is watch Wreck it Ralph together. Yesterday we wore them out with dancing with music, park and shadow boxing, but there was still screaming and sensory overloads. It’s a vicious cycle.


rmagliozzi I feel your pain